Author: Yujiemi Chisholm

ME/C Performance Metrics

Strengthening the Medical Examiner-Coroner (ME/C) System Program Fellowship/Purpose Area 1: 61 fellowships funded 43 participants completed fellowship training 10,710 deaths investigated by fellows 11,540 autopsies performed by fellows Accreditation/Purpose Area 2: 148 individuals seeking certification 28 individuals achieved certification 14 organizations achieved accreditation

COLD Performance Metrics

Prosecuting Cold Cases Using DNA (COLD) Program Since 2019, COLD Program funds were used to: Upload multiple suspect profiles to Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS/AFIS) Identify 78 suspects who were initially unknown Prosecute 19 cases that have resulted in convictions Identify 30 suspects via

Postconviction Performance Metrics

Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence (Postconviction) Program More than 180,000 cases reviewed and more than 700,000 hours of case review performed More than 2,000 cases where DNA analysis was performed More than 300 profiles uploaded to Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and more than 100 CODIS hits 64 exonerations have

Coverdell Performance Metrics

Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants (Coverdell) Program From FY2011-FY2021 Coverdell Program funds were used to: Analyze more than 1.7 million backlogged cases resulting in more than 350 agencies decreasing their backlogged cases Support more than 18,000 forensic personnel, more than 2,000 medical examiners/coroners, and more than 30 pathologists (FY2021

MUHR Performance Metrics

Missing and Unidentified Human Remains (MUHR) Program Since its inception in 2022, MUHR Program funds were used to: Make 24 identifications via Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) associations Make 13 identifications via direct DNA comparisons Make 21 identifications via other methodologies such as fingerprints Repatriate 39 cases to relatives or

CEBR Performance Metrics

DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction (CEBR) Program More than 1.6 million cases completed More than 3.8 million database samples completed More than 676,000 forensic (crime scene) profiles uploaded to Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) More than 3.7 million databasing profiles uploaded to CODIS More than 328,000 CODIS hits

Overview of Migrant Casework and Challenges​ at the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner

This webinar featured a brief background on the history of the United States – Mexico border, the creation of migrant policies and enforcement, the increase of migrants deaths and the challenges associated with identification, the importance of partnerships and available resources, and actual case studies from one of America’s busiest medical examiner offices involved in the forefront of migrant deaths.

FY2024 Solicitation Webinar – Competitive DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction (CEBR) Program

This webinar, presented by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), features an overview of the FY2024 Competitive DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction (CEBR) Program solicitation. As part of this presentation, BJA discusses various elements of the solicitation, changes that have been implemented from previous iterations of the program, eligibility requirements, and guidance for submitting an application.