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Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants (Coverdell) Program

From FY2011-FY2021 Coverdell Program funds were used to:

  • Analyze more than 1.7 million backlogged cases resulting in more than 350 agencies decreasing their backlogged cases
  • Support more than 18,000 forensic personnel, more than 2,000 medical examiners/coroners, and more than 30 pathologists (FY2021 only) to attend training
  • Help more than 390 agencies improve their timeliness in case analysis
  • Enable more than 20 agencies obtain initial accreditation between FY2017-FY2021
  • Assist more than 20 forensic personnel complete certification in FY2021
  • Identify the presence of controlled substances in more than 80% of seized drug cases tested in FY2021